4 Ways To Monetize Youtube Without Google Adsense

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Whats up Wealthbuilderz its yah boy DeVaughn and today we are talking about 4 Ways to make money from Youtube without using Google Adsense.

Alot of people think that the only way to make money on Youtube is to go through Google adsense. Well yout wrong. There are plent of other ways to make money on youtube without depending on Google Adsense

Even though Google adsense is a great source of income.  There are definitely better ways to make money using youtube.

The 4 Ways To Make Money On Youtube Without Google Adsense

There are a few ways to do it
1. Affiliate marketing
2. Sponsored videos for other channels
3. People can pay you to wear t shirts in videos
4. You can also create your own product to market which can be intensive but very rewarding.

Speaking of your own. You can design your own hats and tshirts and wear them in your videos then forward people to your website to purchase. As long as you have the right topics and traffic to your videos then you can actually make a pretty good income doing this.

Your traffic will be slow at first but it can pick up as long as your consistent in your  approach.

I personally market affiliate products in my videos. Its much easier and less work because I don’t need to make my own products. I don’t need to process any orders. I just share the products I’m affiliated with and people buy the products. I get nice percentage for doing this.

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