Apple To Put Billions Of Dollars Back Into The US Economy

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Apple has a five year plan to invest back into the U.S. they unveiled this plan on Wednesday and it will supposedly create 20.000 new jobs and involve opening a second campus. The location will probably be somewhere in the midwest.

What Does This Mean For Apple And The Economy.

Well this great news for Apple because this just re-establshes them as a Jauggernaut company. They are literally on track to becoming the first company worth a trillion dollars. There stock is currently valued at 179.51 a share. The company is worth currently $917 billion dollars. So its safe to say they will hit that pinnacle pretty soon.

The economy will get a nice jolt from the 20,000 jobs that this move will bring to the work for and with the new tax plan in place Apple will be one of the United States biggest tax payers at $250 billion dollrs.

To learn more about this check out the full article here

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