Facebook Marketing How To Use The Algorithm

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Ok so we all know Facebook is a great way to get some real good prospects for your business. Especially if your doing mlm. Its a easy way to build a team for your business and stay in contact.

But the thing is when you first start posting about your business opportunity no one clicks like and no one on your friends list will see the posts. So I want to help you stop the madness today. With this one simple technique. Its so simple that your going to be mad that you didn’t think about it in the first place.

The Technique: How To Use Facebook Algorithm For Marketing

1st step is ask questions your crowd would most likely answer. Once your facebook following starts to answer questions Facebook will start to show them more and more of your posts.

Do this daily in between your posts about your business opportunity or mlm and the people on your friends list will
A. see more of your business posts an B. look forward to seeing your posts because it won’t be all about business.

Its what we call a 80 – 20 rule 80 percent non direct business posts and 20 percent business posts.

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Facebook Marketing How To Use The Algorithm Video