How To Build A Business Online In 2018

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how to build a business online 2018

Whats good Wealthbuilderz its the man, the myth, the legend Devaughn and today we are talking about How to build a business online in 2018. I’m going to break down how i think a true affiliate marketing business should be built in 2018 and beyond. I hope you enjoy the post and get some great ideas from it.

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Lets Get Back How To Build A Business Online in 2018.

So everyone thinks that to build a business online especially now a days you have to have a seriously strong presence on social media aka Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

Well not me and its 2 factors to this decision.

1. You dont own the platform.
If something was to happen to your Facebook, Instagram or youtube account then your business would be in a stand still.

2. You dont have a email list.
Emailing people on a daily is still the way to go. You can’t sign up to the social media sites without a email account. So why wouldn’t it be the way to market to people?

How To Build A Business Online 2018 My Next Move

So when it comes to building my business in 2018 I’m doing something I should’ve done a long long time ago.

I’m taking my business in a different direction for 2018. I’m moving more in the direction of building a brand online then just marketing things on youtube or facebook.

I’m focusing on my new site as my central location for traffic and building my email list to really create my own economy. So if your reading this I just want to say thank you for joining the wealthbuilderz movement. Lets see where this is going to take us.  I don’t want to be at the mercy of Facebook, Youtube and any other social media sites ever again.

Like I was just a few months ago when Youtube disabled my account at 1,000 subs and I was actually making close to $500 a month just from ads alone. Lets not talk about the free traffic and optins I was getting. That hurt my business dramatically but anyway I must move on right?

I know $500 a month from Youtube doesn’t sound like much compared to others but it did to me at the time because it was taken away out of no where.

Well from that experience I’m going in the direction of building my own site. As you can see this is focusing on Wealth building but with a twist of online affiliate marketing.

The wealth building side will document my journey in investing in stocks, bitcoin and other ventures online.

The online affiliate marketing side will be tips on traffic generation, list building, social media marketing,  digital product reviews and documenting my success with affiliate marketing.

I’m bassing the website around the way John Chow does it. He’s a great blogger and definitely built a strong following. You should go check him out at when you get a chance.

I will still use Youtube as a way to produce videos and generate traffic but I’m not relying on it as my main source build my business online. Which I shouldn’t have in the first place. This website has been a long time coming.

Thanks for reading and make sure to watch the video I made on Youtube on how to build a business online in 2018.

How To Build A Business Online In 2018

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