How To Build Your Email List

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I get this question all the time from the newbie’s. How do you build a email list and do it fast? Well its always a lot of factors this and if you really want to know you better listen up and listen good. To build a email list is not hard work but its patient work especially if your on a limited budget. To be honest most marketers are especially when they first start out. They are nervous as all hell to put money into there business so the go to Facebook or other social media sites and try to build a email list the free way. I’m not saying you can’t do it this way but if the program you are in doesn’t have the training to do this then you will lose.

How To Build Your Email List The Right Way

So I came up with 5 ways how to build your email list and do it fast. You are going to take that broke mindset and push it to the back and actually put a little bit of money up to do it or spend time. Either way you will need to spend something. A great responsive and healthy list doesn’t happen over night,

How To Build Your Email List My Top 5 Ways

The first thing you will need is a autoresponder. You can’t build a email list of responsive people without a autoresponder. I don’t care what your next door neighbor or friends told you to do. This is a key component. Plus you will need to either learn how to create a squeeze page or find a service that helps you with that.

Second thing you will need is a website or a domain name. You don’t want to have use the company that you promote’s webpage or landing page. This is a big no no. This looks way to un professional and will not get you very far in the game of marketing no matter what niche your in. People want to feel like they are dealing with a professional at all time. Arent you a professional? This website will either be a blog or a domain that redirects to your money site.

Third thing you will need is to create autoresponder series to connect to your subscribers. You will need to email them atleast once a day. I recommend twice a day. Trust me with the amount of emails people get now a days two will not cause them to get mad. And if they do then you know they are not really interested in what you have to offer. Your emails should consist of something of value and not always trying to sell them something. Like create a daily motivation email or tip of the day. Something to connect with your readers with.

Fourth thing you will need to build a email list is TRAFFIC. Notice I capitalized this? Well because without this you have no real reason to have anything else if you don’t have traffic. The funny thing about traffic its very easy to get when you know how to get it. The best traffic to gt early to build a nice solid email list is buying solo ads and doing safe swaps. If you don’t know what these terms are I can teach you once you join my team or you need to google them. Either way once you build your email list to atleast 1500 subscribers you can start to swap your list with other marketers and build your list really fast.

The fifth way on how to build your email list is to do Youtube videos. You will need to do alot of these videos too. You can’t think a few videos will do the trick. The videos will help you build your email list with extremely targeted traffic and this traffic will end up converting much easier and faster then lets say solo ad traffic. You do the video based on your target keywords that you are marketing and you will start to build traffic and build your target email list. You put your link in the description and tell your viewers to click the link below to sign up to whatever your promoting. Its just that simple.

How To Build Your Email List Video