How To Create Residual Income Online For FREE

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I’m a tell you in this blog a simple strategy of building residual income from the comfort of your home with no money up front at all. Yup for FREE.You don’t have to spend anything to use this strategy but your going to need to put in some work.

So have you ever heard of Jvzoo? if not. Its a site where people create digital products and have affiliates marketing them. Now this strategy has nothing to do with you creating a product yourself. Its you becoming an affiliate of an product that is placed on the JVZOO market place.

So what your going to look for is a product that has a monthly payment meaning people have to pay to use it every month aka residual income.

You have to become approved to market the product so once you do become approved you will be able to get paid a percentage everytime some one signs up and uses the product.

You can market the products by making youtube videos blogging on free blogging sites like Blogspot or WordPress

You can advertise to people in the make money online niche by using ibotoolbox. You can use other social media sites like. Facebook and instagram also. Warning Facebook doesn’t like
jvzoo links so you might want to only market your blog links on Facebook.

Lets Dissect this Residual Income For Free Strategy In 5 steps

Step 1. Go to jvzoo
Step 2. Sign up as an affiliate marketer
Step 3. Look for products that have monthly payments
Step 4. Create blogs on high ranking sites like wordpress, blogspot and ibotoolbox
Step 5. Create youtube videos about these products
and direct your viewers to either the blogs or directly to your jvzoo affiliate link.

Now step 5 I would try both options and see which one gets me the best results.

This strategy is not over night income but it definitely is a easy way to create residual income for free without having to put too much skin in the game other then some work.
So if your broke and struggling then this strategy is for you. if your not broke and struggling but scared to spend some cash then this is for you too.

How To Create Residual Income Online For FREE Video

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