How To Deal With Failure In Life And Business

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A lot of people don’t know how to deal with failure thats why people don’t reach goals. When your not failing or then your not trying. I have story I want to tell you about failing and failure in life.

When I first start my online business journey it was not a successful one at all. But I was and still am determined to succeed. The issue was I kept failing. I was not making any money at all. My money was low. My wife kept telling me this won’t work and I can’t lie I was starting to doubt everything about it.

Then I started to think about my why. Why I was doing what I was doing. I kept saying to myself this is for the freedom. The freedom from the life I saw tear my family apart when I was young.
The freedom to spend more time with the kids. The freedom to spend time with my wife instead of always working.  See my mom and pops always worked and worked hard but never had time for eachother. This was one of the major keys to my parents divorce.

See money can do one of two things to you. It can either help you or hinder your progress in life. Simple things like spending the day at the park with my kids after school or having enough money to do weekends out of town for no reason now thats freedom.

Thats why I didn’t quit when I failed. Thats why I never stopped trying to be successful with my online business. I know its hard and gets trying sometimes but you have to keep going you have to keep pushing no matter what.

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