How To Get Targeted Facebook Freinds FAST

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When you become a marketer and you start marketing online you definitely want to start using Facebook and acquiring Facebook Friends. Not just anybody either, you want to make sure these new people your connecting with are in the same industry your in. No matter if your in Network Marketing, Selling Clothes, MLM or even the music industry this technique will work for you.

Where to find Targeted Facebook Friends?

You will need to join Facebook groups that are specific for your niche. Depending on what niche your in will depend on what groups you join. And you can’t join 5 – 10 groups either. You have to join a good amount of groups at least 100 groups to start off with. You will need to etch out at least 1-2 hours of your day and post in as many groups as possible. The reason we do this manually because you want to like at least 5 posts and comment on at least one persons post. You end getting 5 – 10 people to send you friend requests.

How To Deal With The Pitch From Your New Facebook Friends

You literally will get pitched all day everyday from multiple marketers and they will be coming in droves due to the fact that you liked there posts. They will assume that you are interested in what they are selling and they will come at you bluntly. What you will need to do is keep in mind that these folks are probably not making money and you want them to feel like your not interested in there business and you just want to connect with like minded Facebook Friends. So don’t lead anyone on that you want to become business partners just make it clear you just like having like minded people on your friends list.

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