How To Make Money Online As A Basketball Player

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Whats good wealthbuilderz today we are talking about making money online but for Basketball Players, Coaches and even folks who just love the game of basketball. I’m going to teach how to make money from the sport you love!! Lets go!!

I’m going to assume a few things first. That your really good at playing basketball or your a good coach or maybe are a fanatic and just love the sport and you want to make money from a game you love.

The first income stream is Youtube you will literally record videos of break downs of different things when it comes to Basketball. Some tutorial videos if you would. Its alot of people out there that want to know how to play basketball and you can teach them. All you need to do is record the videos and place them on youtube. Monetize the videos and sooner or later
the cash will start rolling in as long as your consistent.

How To 10x Your Income As A Basketball Player Online

Now to 10x your income you will need to create your own product to sell. So maybe you can sell your own ebook and you can include more advance techniques of basketball skills in the ebook.
You can sell directly to people through your paypal account. If you don’t want to write the ebook yourself you can outsource it.

Now to sell your ebook you will need a capture page that will get people to put there emails in thats so you can market to them repeatedly. You can market not just your products but also affiliate products. Through sites like Amazon and others.

On the capture page you will have to create something to give away to your leads for them to put their emails in. This is called a lead magnet. Your email magnet could be something exlusive or a contest to enter. Once thats completed you will need a autoresponder to collect the emails. Next you will need a landing page to sell your ebook on directly this will get you alot of sales if you price it right.

Where Do You Get The Tools To Make money Online As Basketball Player

Now to get your capture page, autoresponder and landing page you can go with alot of different providers of this service but I recommend going with The Conversion pros. This is the best bang for your buck and its free to get started

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