How To Make Money Passively My Top 5 Ways

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Whats good Wealthbuilderz Its yah boy DeVaughn back again with another post and today  we are talking about how to make money passively.  There are tons of ways to make money passively but I’m going to only touch on my 5 favorite ways to make money passively.

1. Dividend Investing

A lot of people know about stocks and buying stocks but the problem is what happens when those stock go down? Well if you invested in stocks that pay dividends you tend to not worry about the actual price of the stock because you get a quarterly or monthly check from the
company just to hold the stock in your portfolio. This is the true definition of making money passively.

2. Build A Youtube Channel

Now to make money passively with a Youtube channel is kind of hard now a days but its still doable. You definitely need to be very niche specific and focus quality and quantity.

Long gone are the days where you could shoot one video a week and get away with it. Now a days you need to put in work but it still can pay you well.

3. Lending Club Peer to Peer Lending

When you become an investor with Lending club or Prosper, you are simply lending a certain amount to other members of the group who need to borrow money. I personally use with all my loans I invest in.

4. Rental properties

You can literally invest in a rental property and turn it into a hotel of sorts. With sites like Air bnb and You don’t have to look for tenants if you don’t want to.

5. Build A Marketing System

Alot of people tend to market affiliate products but don’t understand the power of having a actual marketing system in place to do all the selling and telling of 2 or more affiliate products.
We call them sales funnels. This helps you create multiple streams of income without being in a million and one marketing directions.

Out of all of these ways to create income passivelynumber 5 is my favorite because number 5 gives you the ability to make life changing income without you having to change your life or invest to much money.

I like this income idea so much that I created a sales funnel and made it to where the average person could make a killing just by copying my step by step system.

All you have to do click the link below put your information in and watch the first video.


How To Make Money Passively My Top 5 Ways Video