How To Make Money With Instagram

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Since instagram hit the scene its been a instant hit. Yes pun intended. Everybody is on instagram and you can’t tell me you don’t like when someone likes your pics. I love it when someone likes my pics and then follows me without having to follow them.

So a few months ago I thought about making money with instagram. Usually I stick to Youtube, FB and Emails. But I started to realize I was really missing out on some potential income by ignoring this opportunity. So I said to myself do some research and figure how to make money with instagram. Here is what I came with and keep this in mind this list is tried and proven over the last 3 months or so.

First and foremost before we get into my tips I’m going to assume you know a little bit about online marketing and that you know how to set up a instagram account and post pics. Now lets get into it.

6 Tips To Make Money With Instagram

Tip 1 on how to make money with instagram

Take a screen shot of your best looking opt in page or squeeze page and post it on instagram. Then tell them in the description of the picture that your link is in your bio. You will need to post this picture multiple times a day. Don’t be spammy because you will lose followers but you definitely need to repost this to grab attention.

Tip 2 on how to make money with instagram

Put up video testimonials or even commercials . If you don’t have any create them. You can have your girlfriend create them or you can go to fiverr and pay someone to do it. People seem to love watching these short videos on instagram. I know I do.

Tip 3 on how to make money with instagram

Show any of your results of the day. Traffic, leads and your sales. It doesn’t matter but you must show proof. Without proof it will be hard to believe that you are even capable of making money online without showing proof.

Tip 4 on how to make money with instagram

Put your instagram link in your youtube video description and tell people to follow you on instagram. You will be surprised how many people will follow you based off you just telling them too. If they like your video they will follow you.

Tip 5 on how to make money with instagram

This is big one you must be personable. You will have to make your account fun. You shouldn’t be pitching your products or network marketing business all day. Your pictures will be doing the talking for you and you want people to feel like your lifestyle is the best and they want that lifestyle. Even if your life is not so great you can make it great on instagram. Post pics of good food you eat. Post a video of your kids doing a funny dance. Once people feel like your a real person and you actually having fun while making money then people want to join with you.

Tip 6 on how to make money with instagram

This is the biggst one of them all you must use hashtags. If your not using hashtags then you will lose everytime. This is the only way random people can find you and follow you directly on instagram. You want people to find you thats so they can potentially be your next sign up or customer. Its really that simple. If you want to know what the most popular hashtags on instagram are then do a google search.

How To Make Money With Instagram Video