How To Make More Money With Uber

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Whats good Wealthbuilderz its yah boy DeVaughn back again with another blog and today we are talking about how to make more money with Uber. I know its different topic but hey sometimes we have to switch it up a bit.

5 Tips To Make More Money With Uber

There are a few techniques that I’ve found to be helpful when driving with Uber. These tips will actually help you make more money with Uber if implemented correctly.

1. Bring your own snacks and pack a lunch

This is the number one way to keep you from spending moneythat you don’t have. A penny saved is a penny earned.

2. Use Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts for your bathroom breaks.

I find whenever I’m driving and I have to use the bathroom and I can’t wait this is a great go to for bathroom breaks. Starbucks especially because thebathrooms are usually cleaner then Dunkin Donuts.

3. Try not to drive around aimlessly

You don’t get reimbursed for gas so you might want to find a central location to park your vehicle. Plus think about all that wear and tear on your vehicle. Go park your car and read a book until you get a ding for a ride.

4. Don’t Follow The Herd

If there are too many drivers in a area your going to end up making less money due to the fact that Uber drops the price of a fare based on the amount of Drivers in a given area. So you want to be where its not that many drivers located.

5. Pass out your business card as much as possible.

Listen Uber is not a career job but it can be a gate way to building a online business or offline business for that matter. If your meeting 5 – 20 people a day while driving for Uber can you imagine if you introduce just 10 of those people to your online business? You could stop doing Uber in no time with the right online business opportunity especially the one I’m going to introduce you to.

Its a automated system that does all the selling and telling for you. All you have to do is follow a few steps to set it up your system but don’t worry I will show you how to do everything from start to finish.

So if you want to start a online business that can grow while your doing other things like driving for Uber? Click the button below the video and lets get started today.


How To Make More Money With Uber Video

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