How To Sell Avon Online | You Brand Your Self Not Avon

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Lets get this out the way Avon is a great company! It’s been around for at least a 100 years. So how do you take such a older company and sell those products online? Well I’m here to help your figure how to sell Avon online. Avon is tradtionally a door to door contact your neightbor type of company. Having in home parties and business meetings will feel like your trying to create a corporate company instead of creating freedom for you and your family.

Lets Dig Into How To Sell Avon Online

So what will you need to sell Avon online? You will need a website that is more based on you then your Avon products. So it will have to be in a blog format but the great thing about this is that your creating your own brand. You become the hunted instead of hunting for people to sell to. This will help you stand out from the millions of others that sell Avon. So once you get your domain name all set up your going to need hosting for this domain name. After that you will have to invest in a autoresponder. If you don’t know what a autoresponder is click here and you can read up what a autoresponder is. Having these tools can change the time you spend away from your family and explode your income. Simple and plain you need these tools for your business. Times are changing and the days of strictly having in home parties are long gone.

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