November 2017 Income Report And Traffic

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Whats good wealthbuilderz its yah boy DeVaughn back again with another blog post and today we are talking about November income Report and Traffic. Lets go!!

My November 2017 Income Report and traffic

This November 2017 Income Report and traffic wasn’t my best month but I’m still making progress. Still building my email list, still building my videos, still building my instagram, twitter, pinterest and Facebook friends and fan pages.

I was able to get my blog approved for Google adsense. We’ll see if that will bring in more income in the coming new year.

So lets get into the stats For November Income Report And Traffic.

The Wealthbuilderz Blog has gotten 127 views. Keep in mind I just started this blog last month and I’m building backlinks and such right now. The end goal is to have atleast 10,000 – 20,000
page views a month which should translate to atleast $2000 – $5000 per month.

I made $48.50 from selling a JVzoo product through one of my product review videos. I know it came from a video because I wasn’t emailing my list this product and promoting it on any other platform excet Youtube

MY MCA income is kind of dead in the water right now but I’m planning to pick this promotion back up soon. I will be going extremely hard with promoting this but in a totally different format.

The Conversion Pros I made $100 again this past month because its residual income. I didn’t get any new sign ups but thats okay. I just really started The conversion pros promotions so I’m not mad at the stats. I gained 15 new leads on top of what I already had. So that puts me in around 600 subscribers in my autoresponder.

My Youtube stats for November 2017 Income Report And Traffic are as follows

I gained 43 subscribers and lost 8 so total I gained 35 subscribers. My most popular video in November is How To Start A Vending Machine Business

Watch time is in the green 11,089 minutes

Views are up 4,174

I made approximately $15.78. Thats including Ad revenue and Youtube Red

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I’m looking for December to be a good month income wise because of the christmas holiday
when it comes to my Amazon affiliate account. I’m also dropping some exclusive
coffe mugs on my site. So be on the look out for that.

Everything else I’m not sure about but we’ll see. This will be my last month only doing FREE Traffic methods. i plan on getting into some paid traffic in January.

November 2017 Income Report And Traffic Income Total

My total income for this month is at $164.28. My operational cost is The conversion pros is $50. My hosting cost for the wealthbuilderz blog is $10.00. So after operation costs I made a total of $104.28 from my online marketing business for this November Income Report and Traffic.

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