October Income Report 2017

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october 2017 income report


Okay so this October Income report is just to give you some real insight of starting a business online. Cause most people think if they aren’t making tons of moneyonline they are not doing good online.

Remember this whole online marketing and building a business online  takes time to become a six figure earner or financially free.

Alot of folks get hung up on the fact that it will take time to build a solid business online but your going to spend the same amount of time and years working some crummy 9-5 so you might as well try to build something that can turn you into being financially free or atleast be able to spend more time with your family.

So without further ranting lets get into the income report for October 2017

My October Income Report 2017 Version

My Youtube stats for october watch time is 7,427 minutes.

I gained 44 subscribers for the month of October.

My revenue is estimated at $15.77

My Adclick media account made .17 cents which is cool it gets its traffic  from a car review site I own.

I made 1 sale from MCA which banked $80 this is cool. I’m not expecting things to just explode since I didn’t do such a good job in September. If your interested learning more about Motor Club Of America and what it offers go ahead learn more here

The Conversion Pros paid $100 which is cool to. I know soon those weekly checks will be 10 times that amount so I’m not stressing it. The conversion pros is a online marketing tool suite I use and market. There is a 7 day FREE trial you can check out here

My Amazon affiliate account made $3.00. I believe it was one sale. I implemented a new strategy towards the end of october. So we’ll see how that goes as the days and months roll on.

My Stashapp referall came in at $55 which I invested in a few dividend paying etf stocks. This is how I keep my money working for me. Stash app is a simple way to invest your money using your smart phone. to learn more about Stash app watch this video.

So all in all I made $253.94
in the month of October to be exact.
When it comes to my online marketing business

Minus hosting fees and my monthly fee of the conversion pros and MCA

I pulled in $172.96 of profit. Which is not bad considering I used no paid traffic at all.

This actually is one of my best months since I got back serious about building my business online.


My Top 3 Favorite October Income Reports

Listed below is my top 3 october income reports blogs and online marketers that I actually read and subscribe to on a regular basis. Every month I will highly 3 different blogs with income reports to show that making money online can be done.

  1. JohnChow.com Joh Chow is one of my favorite online marketers slash bloggers. He’s very transparent with the way he markets. He made $205,151.52 in October from just one of his income streams. Go check him out.
  2. Well And Wealthy  This blog made about $130. I know thats not an extreme amount of money but the great thing is this blog has just been started so its obvious to me there is money to be made in blogging. you just have to put in the work.
  3. Matthew Woodward  This blog comes in at a whopping and its one of the best blogs to read because he gives so many tips and tricks about SEO and other forms of generating traffic. You need definitely check his blog out.

Every month I will highly 3 different blogs with income reports to show that making money online can be done.

My October Income Report 2017 Video

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