Online Marketing Tips The Tale Of Two IHOPS

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Whats good folks its yah boy Devaughn back again with another blog post and today I have a story to tell about the The Tale Of Two Ihops And Online Marketing. My birthday passed recently and my wife and I decided to go to IHOP to get some brunch. This IHOP is fairly close to the house so it was no brainer to go.

Low and behold the service was the worst server I’ve ever had. She was slow and very lathargic like she truly hated her job. I understood the discontent and this is why I what I do online but anyway I attempted to lighten the mood by cracking a joke and she didn’t even fake a smile
for her tip atleast.

Then the very next day we ended up stopping by a IHOP for lunch again. (I guess we are gluten for punishment or Ihop is just that good). The IHOP was about 30 mins away from my house but the service was friendly fast and felt like they actually cared about you spending your coin.

This IHOP Story Relate To Online Marketing?

I know your wondering what does this have to do with online marketing?
Well this story has everything to do with online marketing cause see you could be selling the same product to the same crowd but you have to brand yourself as the better choice one way or another.

It could be through service or some other perceived value. Just like the way that IHOP stood out because of service. You have to end up doing the same thing with your business as much as possible.

Its not enough to just sell a popular product. You have to stand out and brand yourself better then the rest.

Thats one of the things my FREE Ebook The Wealthbuilderz Six Figure Formula teaches you.
I talk about branding yourself to create residual, weekly and even passive income all online through online marketing. If you haven’t already go ahead and download it now.

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