The New Way Of Manifesting Money


Whats good Wealthbuilderz its yah boy DeVaughn back again with another video and blog post. Today we are talking about Manifesting Money!!

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The New Way Of Manifesting Money

When it comes to money how do you feel? Is it usually good or is it bad?

I want you to really ask yourself this question and understand how you feel about money dictates the way money feels about you.

Cause see if you feel bad about money then money will not come your way at all.  And if or when it does it won’t be the way you want to.

You will barely get by and you will probably live in financial lack for the rest of your life because of the way you feel about money.

So the question is how do you break this terrible cycle and manifest money?

Well its fairly easy. You have stop thinking about your money as only yours and only does good for you. When in fact your money does good for everyone if you let it.

When you pay a bill how do you think about your money? Do you say aww man damn I have to pay this bill. This sucks. I’m so upset I have to pay this bill. I can’t believe I have to pay rent again this month. Life is so hard because I have these bills.

This is the worst way to think about your money.

Circulation Is The Key To Manifesting Money

You have to start thinking that your money is going into circulation and its coming back to you with more of its green lil buddies to give you more abundance. This is the only way to truly manifest your money.

When you pay a bill or buy something you are helping a company pay its employees and those employees are in turn helping to feed there families by going grocery shopping and paying there bills.

Its a never ending cycle and money will always come back to you and be happy to come back to you because you know for a fact that your sending your money out there to do good. It was doing good for you when you had it right? This is how you manifest money

Now I’m not saying all this to say that you should go out there and buy up the mall and get all crazy with your money. I don’t want you to tell your spouse or friends hey I’m spending my money on all this dumb stuff cause told me this is the way to become rich.

But what I’m saying to you is don’t think of your money like its gone forever and its the
end of the world when a bill is due. Always think of it as your putting your money into circulation and it will forever come back to you.

And you will forever manifest more money just by whole heartedly believeing in this way.


How To Manifest Money The New Way Video

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