Top 5 Passive Income Business Ideas

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Now this topic top 5 passive income business ideas is a little different because its not the average passive income post. Its basically mapping out how to turn your passive income into a business. Which will multiply your passive income faster.

So Lets Dive Right In To The Top 5 passive income business ideas

1. Sign up to Bitcoin or Crpyto Currency Network Marketing company
Bitcoin and Crypto currency is hot right now
and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon
You might want to take advantage of this right now
I recommend Bitconnect which has a very good rate of return on investment
but also has a simple yet effective affiliate program.
To help you build your passive income faster and turn it into a business


2. Start Your Own Hotel Chain.

I know your saying what do you mean? Hotel chain?
Well Im talking about using sites like Air BnB and other
sites to list your investment home up for rent.
You can literally buy forclosed homes in good neighborhoods
fix them up and rent them out for vacation rentals
You can do this in multiple cities and make a killing.

3. Buy Cars. Fix them and Rent Them.

If you know alot about cars and know how to fix them
this can be a very lucrative business for you to start.
With rent your own car sites popping up daily
you can easily purchase a nice car from one of those auctions
fix it up and rent it out. Boom you have a business right there

4. Start A Online Store And Drop ship

Now a days you can sell almost anything online
even other people’s stuff.
You could actually start your own online store or website
and specifically sell other people’s stuff.
All it take is a little bit of advertising
and you could be off to the bank cashing
big affiliate commission checks or even better
drop shipping checks

5. Marketing FREE Apps

This can be very lucrative but there are
a 3 key things you will need to have
1. you will need a website and a youtube channel
2. you will need to build a following
3. you will need to find apps that pay atleast
$5 per person you sign up through your affiliate link.
I know folks making thousands a dollars a month
with this passive income business idea alone.


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