Top 5 Secrets How To Be a Better Online Marketer

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Whats up guys in this blog I’m going to give my Top 5 Secrets to being a Better Online marketer. We all love secrets and I figured I’d share some with you on this beautiful day today! So lets get started shall we?

The Top 5 Secrets of being a Online Marketer

Number 1 Secret to be a better Online Marketer is don’t be boring. Try not to be a straight stick in the mud or have flat out boring personality. You ever watched a video of a un sure low speaking marketer? Better yet you ever get those emails on FB or your email box and just know that its a prefabricated coard board box message? Nobody wants that and nobody will buy from you on regular basis if you can’t make them smile or feel some type of emotion when they are watching your videos and reading your emails. The cookie cutter stuff doesn’t cut it anymore people.

Number 2 Secret to be a better Online Marketer is be personable. I know your wonder what I mean by this. Well I mean that you have to show some of your personal life in your videos, blogs and posts on social media. Don’t always talk about business. Yeah we are all here for the money but people absolutely hate to always be sold to. Share who you are and what makes you tick. People want to feel relatable to you and your lifestyle. Once people feel relatable to you and when you put a offer in front of them they will be more willing to get with you other then the other guys.

Number 3 Secret to be a better Online Marketer is Try to do the opposite of the masses. Don’t be exactly like everyone else does. Try not to market everywhere the majority people market at. If the industry standard right now is short straight to the point emails then you will need to send out long and witty emails. If people are producing videos that are going straight to juggler and you make a video that provides value instead just being a salesmen then you will stand out more then the average marketer just out for a buck.

Number 4 Secret to be a better Online Marketer is Become and Act Like The Authority. This one is trully easy to do. All you have to do is some research on a problem that people are having in the game of online marketing. Then do a blog or video about it. Get that blog syndicated and watched. Boom instant Authority in marketing online. See the more people you help in some sharp form or fashion the more money you will stand to make due to the fact they know what they are doing as marketers.

Number 5 Secret to be a better Online Marketer is you need to treat this as a business. First and foremost you must realize you are a marketer. You are not the company you market. You are not the team your on. You are the business and your business is you the marketer.
Please don’t forget this rule no matter what.

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