Top 5 Gadgets For Entrepreneurs 2018

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Whats good Wealthbuilderz
its yah boy DeVaughn
back again with another video and today
we are talking about
The Top 5 Gadgets For Entrepreneurs 2018
so lets go!!

Ok so I wanted to hook my Wealthbuilderz up with a top 5 list of the dope gadgets that you can use to help you with time and efficiency. This list is comprised of five lil gadgets that I think will help with that. So without further a due here is my Top 5 Gadgets For Entrepreneurs 2018.

1. Wocket Smart Wallet

This is a really creative gadget for Entreprenuers and anyone else who carries a bunch of cards around with them. I know personally that I carry way to many cards around. This smart wallet allows you to change your entire wallet into a single card to conduct any transaction. I said transaction because this includes voter cards, loyalty cards and others. Not just credit and debit cards

Protected by bio metric security this gadget can turn up to 10,000 cards into a single one. This is a awesome gadget for those busy entrepreneurs, ceos, top level managers and people that just carry way to too many cards.

2. Solpro

When I tell you I’m always on the move. Between running around with the kids, heading to meetings and putting in work on my laptop and phone my batterries are always dieing on me.
I needed to find a portable charger for my devices that were easy to store and can charge multiple devices.

In stepped in Solpro. Yes its a portable device charger and yes it can fit in my book bag but whats really great about it is the fact that it is renewable energy source based.

Awesome right…go ahead and check that out below.

Solpro Charger

3. Rocket Book Wave Smart Notebook

Are you the type of person that likes to actually write your notes down like me? Do you go to meetings and still whip out a note book but the only thing is its super hard to get your notes on to your computer for later use?

Well I want to introduce you to…..

One of the world’s first smart notebook that blasts your ideas to the cloud with the push of button and microwaves clean for immediate reusability. This lil gadget is super awesome for the entrepreneur, business person or even college student.

4. Travel Electronics Cord Organizer Case

Most entrepreneur’s travel alot. You have a meeting here and a meeting there.
So your wires for your electronics seem to always get tangled up. Well I have a resolve for that
its this handy lil Travel Electronics Cord Organizer Case.

Compatible with smartphones, batteries, power banks, hard drives, headphones, earbuds, chargers, cables/cords, and other electronic devices.

Its durable and can take a hit.

5. Livescribe Echo SmartPen

This pen can be great for those who have alot of meetings and like to record those meetings but don’t want to look like your in the stone ages with a tape recorder.

Plus this pen transcribes your written notes to your Echo desktop.

Livescribe Echo SmartPen

These are my top 5 Gadgets for entrepreneurs

Until next time its yah boy DeVaughn
signing off for Top 5 Gadgets for a Entrepreneur.

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